Tuesday, January 30, 2007

WOW! I can't believe I had 19 comments on my last post!!!! (Well, 20, if you include my own comment) Thank you to everyone for your suggestions and I really am going to try my best to become more organized. I am tired of starting each morning out feeling rushed and feeling like I forgot to do something.

Speaking of forgetting to do something, I forgot to take something out for dinner tonight, so you see why I need to get organized!

This past weekend, Alyssa stood BY HERSELF!!! Not for long, only about 5 seconds or so, but she stood and I could tell that she really wanted to do it! I guess she will be attempting some steps soon. I'm not at all ready for that, not because she will be more mobile and into even more stuff, but because, holy crap, she's growing up waaaaaaaaay too fast and it makes me sad. I also took her bottle away from her this weekend. I had been offering her a sippy cup for the last month or so and she wanted nothing to do with it. Nothing. So, I finally decided that we were gonna quit the bottle "cold turkey" and it was much easier than I anticipated. She is now drinking out of a sippy cup!

I will leave you with a new pic.

It's not very good quality; I took it with my phone.


I want everyone to send out prayers for a friend of mine today. She, unfortunately, had a miscarriage last night. She was just one day or so away from that 13-week milestone. She was so excited about having her 1st baby, but, sometimes things work out differently than you plan.


Michele_3 said...

She is growing up mom!
Pretty soon you'll be chasing her..
Cute pix, thanks for sharing!

P.S- keep forgetting to ask you- Can I add you to my blogroll- so I can remind myself to visit you more often? LOL!

Susan in va said...

Awwwww! Sweet baby girl!

Funny Girl is 2 1/2 and STILL takes a bottle at bedtime! I think I get more lax with each child!

Swampwitch said...

Well, she is a cutie. They grow up so fast. Keep that camera phone handy.

Happy Working Mom said...

Go Alyssa!!! I know what you mean about it being sad because it's going way too fast...I feel the same way!

Kellie said...

Standing AND no more bottle??!! Impressive. Way to go baby :) You're smart at this Mommy thing. Wanna come here and get my kid off the bottle and drinking milk? Please?? I'll have cake for you :)

CPA Mom said...

You are very smart to go cold turkey. We did it to and it worked like a charm both times.

Lost A Sock said...

Yeah Alyssa!!

I am seriously going to need your advice soon on that bottle. We turn 13 months this week and he still has a good 5 bottles a day/night. Grrrr.

I'm so sorry for your friend. I will keep her in my prayers.

Kelly M said...

SO CUTE!! Yeah you better start moving things higher...umm LIKE NOW!! haha

I'm really sorry to hear of your friend! She will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers!

Margarita said...

I think I know the friend and that really sucks. Do I know her? Is it who I think it is?


Emma in Canada said...

Aw crap... I just left a comment and it didn't save. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.

Kurt said...

Let's see if we can get even more comments on this post!
Congrats on the baby-walking progress.

Amy W said...

Audrey did not take a bottle at all yesterday at daycare, but of course at home, I caved.

That Chick Over There said...

She's just beautiful.

Sorry about your friend. :( I've been there and it is so hard.

Mamacita Tina said...

It is hard to watch them grow up so fast! Especially when they start walking, a sign they're no longer babies, but becoming toddlers.

Thinking about your friend. That's sad. I have a friend who has had two miscarriages. I feel for them both, for anyone who's having difficulty carrying a baby full term.