Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Please go read this story first.

I am absolutely outraged that the justice system in the city I live in would allow a murderer to get out of jail on bond! This man (and I use that term VERY loosely) was already charged with killing another human being. He should have been behind bars. I don't care how overcrowded the jails are. Perhaps our mayor should be more concerned with the crime in this city than with his own self.

I will never ever understand how anyone could hit any child, much less their OWN child. And, a two-year old? She was just a baby. I rarely even spank my kids. I HATE doing that. It breaks my heart to think about what that little girl was put through. I don't understand how her mother could have let him be around her, knowing that he was dangerous. I don't care if he was her father! The two people in that child's world that are supposed to make them feel safe and secure, were the very people that hurt her. Why would you have kids and then treat them this way?

No one ever said that being a parent was easy. My kids drive me crazy sometimes, but I could never ever abuse them and I would go toe to toe with anyone that tried these two girls.

Friday, July 25, 2008

A new start

Wow, does that title just exemplify my life right now. A fresh start. And I am ready for it. Eager for it. I cannot wait to see where my life goes from here, but I know this much, I am gonna enjoy every minute of it. I will no longer allow anyone to bring me down or make me feel like I am not good enough! Mark my words on that one!

This is my life, my story and I get to write it.

Oh, and I still haven't figured out the whole import from WP thing yet.