Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Please go read this story first.

I am absolutely outraged that the justice system in the city I live in would allow a murderer to get out of jail on bond! This man (and I use that term VERY loosely) was already charged with killing another human being. He should have been behind bars. I don't care how overcrowded the jails are. Perhaps our mayor should be more concerned with the crime in this city than with his own self.

I will never ever understand how anyone could hit any child, much less their OWN child. And, a two-year old? She was just a baby. I rarely even spank my kids. I HATE doing that. It breaks my heart to think about what that little girl was put through. I don't understand how her mother could have let him be around her, knowing that he was dangerous. I don't care if he was her father! The two people in that child's world that are supposed to make them feel safe and secure, were the very people that hurt her. Why would you have kids and then treat them this way?

No one ever said that being a parent was easy. My kids drive me crazy sometimes, but I could never ever abuse them and I would go toe to toe with anyone that tried these two girls.


Deb said...

I'm with ya sister. On all counts. I'd like to say I'm surprised he was out of jail (and the murder was 2+ years ago for crying out loud), but the justice system is so messed up.
I too would be up close and personal if anyone even thought about harming one of my kids/granddaughter.
That case truly is tragic, cause it shouldn't have happened at all. He should have been in jail. Case closed.

Sherry said...

I was ill reading that article. That sob how on earth could he touch a child. Oh that poor innocent baby. Died all because they say the jails are over crowded. HELLO people death penalty will eliminate that one. An eye for an eye is how I feel!!!!
I would truly harm someone if they attempted to hurt any of my loved ones you can bet on that.

Katie said...

that is a sad story. We don't even watch the news anymore because we are tired of hearing about all the people that get killed. We accidentally made an exception last night and watched it and there was a story about someone shooting up someone else's house. The worst part was this neighbor they interviewed. He actually said (to the camera), "That just ain't right. I mean, if you wanna shoot someone, you do it on the street, don't go shooting up their house."

I shit you not.

Handy Dandy Super Manly said...

Hey little buddy I remember this dude when I came in town they had just charged him. I can't believe they let him out. I think you and I need to join up, and be like Dawg the bounty hunter. We could go around just being vigilantly and kick the crap out of people that come out of the bond offices next to the jail. That could be fun.

Emma in Canada said...

It's amazing how much this happens.

SJ said...

I'm with you - it makes me sick when I read about this in the newspaper, or hear about it on TV.

What is this world coming to?

ChrisB said...

That is such a sad tale, and although our systems are different we get similar things happening here.

K-Mom said...

You and I are definitely on the same page! I used to work with a child advocacy group and the stories I could tell would make you want to cry for days.

Anyone who abuses a child is the worst piece of trash and should rot in hell!

"J" said...

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