Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's hard keeping up!

It's hard to find time to update my blog here lately! I've been really busy at work, so it's hard to try to put together coherent thoughts while the phone is ringing and the boss is asking for this or for that.

So, this past weekend was super busy, but filled with fun! Friday night was dinner and drinks with the family and then off to Fox and Hound for pool and more drinks with friends! We had a blast!

But, let me back up for a sec. Friday. I decided that I was gonna go vote early on Friday. So, I head out to one of the locations and, lo and behold, the computers that put all of your information on the card that you insert into the voting machines, were down. Of course. So, I decided to go to another location that was near. On my way, I run into traffic caused by a wreck. Someone hit a telephone pole at a busy intersection on the street that I had to use. And, there was no turning around. AHH! I finally get to the next voting location and the line? Let's just say that it would have taken me probably 1 and 1/2 hours, at least, to get through that. So, I scratched voting. When I was leaving the first location, my car started making a funny sound. It sounded like I had a flat tire. So, I pull over and check. Tires are fine. I go on my way.

The sound just kept on. I get back to work, look at my tires from the back and I have a huge something or other in my tire. Grrreat. After work, it's off to wal-hell to get the tire patched. Ack! I needed a drink after all that!

Saturday had me getting new tires. And, then, heading out to watch this NASCAR race!! If you ever get the chance to go to a race. GO! The power of those cars is unreal! If you are standing by the track when they all pass, you can feel the vibrations in your chest! It's awesome.

After the race, there was a concert. Good bands. Good beer. Then, somehow, we ended up at this local bar and there was karaoke involved. And beer. Alot of beer. And just so ya know, I CANNOT sing. At all!

But, it was a blast! It's been a long time since I've done something like that and it was great!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I've had some serious blogger's block lately. Or, maybe it's just that nothing exciting is really going on right now in my life. Just regular everyday things.

Kaylie had her 8th birthday party last weekend. High School Musical, of course. She is also going to be Gabriella from High School Musical for Halloween. Alyssa is going to be a panda bear this year. Hopefully, I will remember to have charged batteries in my camera (hopefully someone else will to, I'm just sayin is all). I'm looking forward to trick-or-treating this year. It has been years since I've taken Kaylie door-to-door trick-or-treating and Alyssa has never been. We've been doing the Trunk-or-Treat type things for the last 3 years. Could there be more dashes in this paragraph?

The other morning, I was outside on my patio having a cigarette. Across the street from my complex, I could see a guy standing on the porch of this house. Just standing there. Of course, I'm watching but trying to make it look like I'm not watching. A ninja, I am. Then, he starts walking toward his car that was parked in the street and he was talking on a cell phone. Talking kinda loud. Then, the front door of the house opens and out comes his wife/girlfriend and she is ANGRY. She's throwin his shit onto the front porch, all the while calling him a fool and everything else. It was pretty entertaining. I've thought many times about throwing someone's crap onto the front porch, but never had the b.alls to do it! It was great fun to watch!

In other news...well, not shit.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This hurt my heart

This comes from here. I've copied and pasted the article below.

I am a huge Tiger fan. I was born in Memphis and have lived here almost all of my life. I love watching Tiger basketball and football. I've been to football games and seen Tom II up close. Stood by his cage and let my girls see him. Hearing about this makes me so sad. If you check out the link, scroll down and click on the link to see pics of Tom II. He was a beautiful tiger.

University of Memphis Mascot, TOM II, Passes Away Wednesday

Oct. 15, 2008

Memphis, Tenn. - TOM II, the Bengal Tiger mascot of The University of Memphis, passed away this morning surrounded by those who loved him. He was 17 years old.

TOM, which stands for Tigers Of Memphis, was acquired as a kitten by Bobby Wharton and the late Ray Daniels of the Football booster group Highland Hundred in the fall of 1991 and was hand-raised by William P. "Nickie" Nixon at St. Nick's Farm. Wharton led the Tiger Guard, the Highland Hundred committee responsible for caring for TOM, for all 17 years of the Tiger's life.

"TOM was an important part of the University family for a long time, and we are devastated at his loss," Wharton said. "It was a privilege and a true labor of love to head this project. I will miss him dearly."

The Tiger Guard is solely responsible for funding the Tiger project; no University dollars were ever used in TOM's care and maintenance. He outlived all four of his siblings by a number of years, a testament to the level of care and love he received. He also far exceeded the life expectancy of a male tiger.

TOM II was recently diagnosed with cancer during an annual medical examination.

"We had a very close relationship with TOM," added Wharton. "Once it became evident that his quality of life would begin to suffer, and after consulting with our veterinary team, it became obvious that the right thing to do would be to allow him to pass on with dignity and without pain and suffering."

Wharton added that is was among the toughest decisions he has ever had to make. TOM II will be cremated, as was the original TOM in 1992.

The University of Memphis Athletic Department has already made arrangements for a permanent exhibit to honor all previous and future TOMs in the new Athletic Hall of Fame, which will begin construction this fall at the corner of Southern and Normal.

The Tiger Guard is already making arrangements to secure a new Tiger to serve as TOM III.

"The Tiger project is an important tradition and source of pride for The University of Memphis family dating back over 35 years, and we will honor the memory of TOM II by keeping the tradition alive," said Tiger Guard member Scott Forman, who will take over as the project chairman for TOM III. "It's part of what makes our University unique".

A memorial is planned for the Tigers' Homecoming game versus Southern Miss on October 25. The Tiger Guard asks that any memorials be sent to the Highland Hundred via the Tiger Football office at 136 Athletic Office Building, Memphis, TN 38152.

Monday, October 13, 2008


I've spent alot of time lately looking back at my life. Thinking about things that have happened and decisions that I've made. For the most part, I have no regrets. There are some things I do regret, however.

I regret my senior year of high school. I had fun, don't get me wrong. But, I concentrated too much on having fun and not enough on school. I got horrible grades and ended up having to take senior English again in summer school. I didn't get to walk across that stage and get my diploma. I didn't get to throw my cap in the air and celebrate with my friends. I got to watch. I got to spend the summer after graduation in summer school. I, of course, passed the course in summer school, I have a high school diploma and all that. For some reason, inspite of my poor school record, I was accepted to The University of Memphis. But, again, I was too interested in having fun and going out partying. I chose not to go. Luckily, even without a college degree, I have managed to get a great job. One that pays enough. But, one day, I'd still like to get that degree.

I regret allowing myself to become so complacent the last couple of years. To ignore my feelings of being overwhelmed and stressed and putting everyone else first. I never realized how unhappy I was. And, it was my own doing. It cost me alot. It cost me 2 years. 2 years that I can't get back. But, I can look forward and make the rest of my years much better.

Other than those, I really don't regret too much. I have a home, a car, 2 beautiful kids, a good job and good friends. I'm lucky. I've got more than some people do. And I am thankful for that everyday.

Are there any things you regret?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Have y'all been watching the SNL skits regarding the debates and the economy? If not, you owe it to yourself to watch at least one. They are hilarious! And, considering the state of our economy, most notably, the stock market, we all need a laugh.

I work in the financial industry so the last month has been extremely stressful and hectic. We've seen clients losing hundreds of thousands of dollars. I don't know about you, but, that's a shitload of money to me! That's the risk you take when you invest. And, hey! Gas prices are going down as fast as the DOW!!!

This morning, I got up, went outside for my morning ciggie (cigarettes are bad for you, blah blah blah) and had that song, Mockingbird. But, not just the regular song, the one from Dumb & Dumber where they are driving with the guy that wants to kill them and they are singing it. Yeah, I am super special.

Back in August, me and some friends went to see The Dave Matthews Band. It was at

Autozone Park. The stadium was on the field at the back. The "floor" seats were actually general admission and there were no chairs, you had to stand. Anyway, our seats were on the second row, in the stands, on the first base side. Not too shabby. So, we decided after a little while that we wanted to go down onto the field and get closer. So, we jump over the wall, onto the field. We have ninja skillz, no? I'm sure that no one else thought to do what we did. So, blah blah blah, we watch the concert from very much close and then left. By the time we got home, around hell if I know, my knee was hurting. And, considering the amount of beer consumed, it's hard to believe I could feel it. To make a long story short, my knee still hurts!!! WTF! And, I can't wait to explain why to the orthopedist when I finally go.

Clearly I have nothing interesting to blog about, so there ya go.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I just don't know

Why is it that you can care about someone so much that you can look past all of their faults, all of their wrongs, all of their empty promises and still love them? Still be taken in by them? Still see that person that you know deep down they really are?

And, at the same time, be so angry with them? Be so deeply hurt by them, that you don't know if forgiving is even an option, much less forgetting? But you entertain that thought anyway.

Is it just being human that makes you feel that way, or just stupidity?

It's hard to ask yourself those questions. It's even harder to answer them. You look around and wonder, why can all these other people make things work, but we can't? Why are they so happy? And, while the truth is those people are not always rainbows and butterflies, but you can't help but see it that way.

I guess, at some point, you have to just listen to what your heart tells you and do what's best for you. You hope that you make the right decision, though, only time will tell.

It's just a leap of faith. I read a quote today that said "life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain".

Monday, October 06, 2008

The birthday post

My and my best friend have birthdays 4 days apart. We have always celebrated together, whether it be goin out and having drinks and goin dancin or just hangin out at the house.

This year was no exception. We opted to just hang out at her house. It was me and Crystal, her fiance (he's now her husband!), his brother and a couple of other friends.

We had a blast! We cooked some dinner. I believe we had some good ass fish and baked potatoes and probably something else, but I cannot remember. We sat outside on the patio and just talked and laughed and drank some beer. Then we drank some more beer. :)

A bottle of Goldschlager was brought over as well. This is the ONLY kind of liquor that Crystal and I will do shots of. Neither of us are liquor drinkers.

Needless to say, we had a great night. The two of us were up waaaay past the time when everyone else went to bed. And, how we didn't wake everyone else up, I will never know!!

So, how bought some pics!!

Me and Crystal

The Goldschlager

The hands-free shot. I was NOT expecting a picture to be taken!

Hey, once a year, you just gotta let go!!

Also, don't be jealous because we drink the high-dollar beer.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Okay, so...

the last time I did a post was on September 11th. But the last time I did a blog post was back in July.

I guess it's been awhile. I'm not sure what all has happened since then, but I will at least try to give the highlights.

I moved into my new house with my girls. It's great, I love it, they love it, the fish love it.

Kaylie started 2nd grade shortly after we moved in. She's back at the school she went to in Kindergarten and is doing GREAT!! We had some trouble with her conduct for a little while there, but she has vastly improved. She just wouldn't keep her mouth shut. Talking, talking, talking. Don't know where the hell that comes from. She hasn't gotten her 1st report card yet, but on her mid-term progress report she had straight A's!!!

I had a birthday. And, my bff had a birthday too. Lemme tell ya, the night we celebrated both of them? Um, let's just say, it's a miracle that either one of us remember it. Of course, there is some photographic evidence.

I bought an mp3 player. Exciting, no? Ok, not really, but whateva!

Let's see, what else...

Oh, shit, that's right, I just got back from spending 5 days on the beautiful white sand beaches of Destin, Florida staring at crystal clear blue-green water and eating all the fresh seafood I could handle.

Ok, other shit has happened too, but I will get into all of it later. Sort of.