Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Well, I haven't done this in awhile

Blogged, that is. I just haven't had time for it. Besides, I'm all addicted to Crackbook, uh, I mean Facebook. It has been 4 months or so since I last posted. I'm thinking about changing that. Blogging more often. I used to really love it and I just got so busy in life and so many things were going on, that blogging was put on the back burner. Waaaaaay in the back.

So, how about we catch up? I thought you would be excited by that!

So, last time I posted, I was dating someone. Yeah, not so much anymore. But, it's ok. It was my decision. I just realized that I am not sure if I am ready for a serious relationship and he had gotten very serious. He dropped the L-bomb on me. We broke up about a month ago. I've met a few guys but, again, I'm not looking for much right now. I have too many other things going on in my life.

I've also turned the big 3-0 since I last posted. Yikes! But, it's ok. I'm pretty happy with my life at 30. Sure, there are a few things I would change, but, for the most part, I'm happy.

Also, just a couple of weeks ago, I found out that I was being laid off from my job. I work until the end of the month. I'm upset about that. More so because I know what a tough job market it is out there. I'm worried about not finding anything, but also excited with the prospect of finding a job I love even more. When one door closes, another opens right?

So, no other big news to report. Same ole, same ole. Hanging out with friends and my babies. Tiger football started back up, so I've been tailgating and going to the games and I am excited about Tiger basketball starting soon!!!!

Like I said, I am thinking about posting more often. I guess we will see if that actually happens!