Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Well then

After my "de-lurk" post was posted I received plenty of comments from people that I know read my blog and some that I didn't know and a few that are new readers. Of course, now I feel like I must entertain you people with witty writings of my interesting life. Boy, are ya'll (shut up, I live in Tennessee) gonna be sorely disappointed.

Mostly it will just be me bitching about my ex-husband and his inability to pay any child support whatsoever, me rejoicing in my two beautiful daughters (ok, ok, complaining at times too) and just giving my thoughts on life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. I hope that it is good enough because, while I do enjoy narrative writing (always have), more often than not, I find myself struggling to put what I'm thinking into words. Well, words that other people can understand anyway.

What types of things do you enjoy blogging about and why do you blog?

Edited to add: Stupid new blogger. I used to be able to respond to people's comments when they were emailed to me and I cannot respond any more. Just want ya'll to know that I would if I could. Stupid new blogger.


Bethany said...

I didn't comment on the delurking post (I only read it today). I blog about pretty much the same stuff (change ex to current and child support to being home) you blog about. You just do it better!

zhchh77 said...
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fdsafsdfsdf said...
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Kellie said...

Bitch away...I'll read and comment and laugh and cry along with you :) SO glad I moved away from Blogger--where I am now is much better. Happy Blogging :)

Happy Working Mom said...

That's why I read blogs...real stores of people's real lives - much more interesting to me than fiction :)

Michele_3 said...

I blog to mostly vent or to just write because writing helps me out when things 'just happen" in our life.. LOL!

I love reading blogs about other moms and are able to relate with them as well.Looking forward to catching up on yours!

Take Care!

Susan in va said...

I started blogging as a way to chronicle the funny things in my kids lives. I'm not one to sit down with a journal every night and actually write things down. For me, it was just easier to run to the computer and type things out.

And I've made quite a few friends in the process!

Vicki said...

Stupid new blogger! You should come on over to the land of Milk and Honey owka Typepad. =)

Be sure to stop by my place this week. We are doing a fun photo thing next week.!

That Chick Over There said...

I blog because I have all this stuff to say and all the people in real life just want me to SHUT UP FOR THE LOVE OF GOD because I talk so much. So I write it all down instead.

I LOVE YOU said...