Thursday, January 18, 2007

A little late

Ok, I don't have the internet at home so I could not post a birthday post to my baby girl on her birthday and I've been pretty busy while at work. But, finally, I am doing it.

Alyssa's 1st birthday was on Sunday, January 7th. Let's go back to one year ago.

Early morning December 31st (around 5ish I think) I woke up having contractions. You were not due until the end of January so I was shocked and kinda scared. We were really not ready. Although, I had a feeling that you were not planning to wait until the end of January to meet us so Daddy and I had done our best to get things ready early. I woke up your Daddy and off to the hospital we go and, yep, I'm in labor. 35 and 1/2 weeks was too soon they said. They gave me some shots in my arm to stop the labor and we spent our New Year's Eve night in the hospital. Luckily the shots worked and we went home the next day.

Fast forward to 3 days later. Once again, early morning and I am in labor again. Back to the hospital we go. They stop the labor again and we go home and go to see my OB that afternoon. I had not dialated from the labor but I was still contracting all the time. He decided to go ahead and induce me on Friday, January 6th.

Daddy and I got up that morning, we took Kaylie to school and head to the doctor's office and promptly got sent to the hospital where the induction began. After 18, yes 18, hours of labor there were some problems. The nurse came in and put an oxygen mask on me because your heart rate was just a little low. Ok, I can handle that. Dr. Stack (love him) came in and checked and I was still only 3 cm dialated. It was looking like a c-section but we wanted to wait a little longer and see. Just a few minutes later, the nurse comes in and rolls me on my right side, then on my left and then more nurses come in and they tell me that you had to come out NOW. Your heart rate was around 60 bpm and should have been more than twice that. I have never been so scared in my life.

Within minutes I am being wheeled into the OR for an emergency c-section. Your Daddy couldn't even come with me because they had to put me under general anethesia. That scared me even more. The next thing I know I wake up back in my room and your Daddy is standing next to the bed holding you in his arms. You were perfect.

It seems like yesterday. I thank God and the wonderful doctors and nurses that you came through everything just fine. I love you baby girl.

Happy 1st Birthday Alyssa!

A little late, but better than nothing!

******Edited to add other pics of Alyssa. I wanted everyone to see just how much she demolished that cake. She LOVED it.******


Kellie said...

SO scary...SO happy everything worked out fine. She is a beautiful little girl....hope her first birthday was great :)

Anonymous said...

That sounds so scary and very smilliar to what happned with my youngest daughter... Happy birthday pretty girl.

Lucky Gem said...

Thanks for the scare! 18 hours and then a c-section...sheesh

Happy Working Mom said...

I'm so glad it all worked out fine and you got your little Aslyssa safe and sound! I love the cake picture :)

Susan in va said...

Oh, how sweet!


She's just precious! I hope after all the effort that it took to get her into the world, that she's been an "effortless" baby ;)

Lost A Sock said...

Happy (late) Birthday Alyssa!! You weren't kidding when you said she demolished her cake!!

Hey you and I both checked into the hospital last NYE. I was 34w6d, and there was no waiting. Quite a way we both began last year, eh? :O)

Mamacita Tina said...

I share your pain. After being induced and going through 14 hours of labor with Ian, they decided to do a C-Section. It happened so fast, it's just a blur.

Alyssa, you are absolutely beautiful! Happy Birthday!

Absolutely brilliant, brilliant I tell you, to strip her down to her diaper for the cake. Smart woman!

Kelly said...

New poster here...Although I do not have kids of my friend went through the very same thing that you did with her second child. We were all in the waiting room...when her husband came out and told us the very scary news! It is extremely scary..I can only imagine what you 2 went though...Thank God for both of you..everything turned out perfect!! Happy Birthday Aslyssa!

SJ said...

What a birth story! She's a beautiful little girl, and yes, she demolished that cake!

Happy Belated Birthday!

Amy W said...

Cute!! Audrey would not do that, no matter what we tried. She is such a girlie girl. :)

Swampwitch said...

Happy Birthday, Alyssa. Love the yellow frosting.
I have to post with my old bloggerbooger account. Here is my new place:

Michele_3 said...

Happy Belated birthday to your baby girl!
hope the day was wonderful!