Friday, January 09, 2009


It's been a busy few months for me. Very busy! And, so, I give you pictures to catch you up. Yes, I am taking the easy way out, but, trust me, if I try to put it all into a post, it would take you a day to read and me more than that to write it!

So there was Halloween

Alyssa was a panda bear, Kaylie was Gabriella from HSM and that's my cousin in the background.

There was Kaylie's 8th birthday! Surprise, surprise, an HSM cake!

There has been quite a bit of karaoking (I am certain that's a word). Not sure why I look pregnant in that picture, cuz, trust me, I don't and I'm not!

There's been new friends!

Old Friends

New Year's Eve!

Alyssa's 3rd Birthday!

She thought us singing Happy Birthday to her was the funniest thing!

I've been having some good times lately! It's been a blast! And, it's only gonna get better!


That Chick Over There said...

I love these pictures!!

Ashley said...

Great pics! Looks life life has been good. :)

SJ said...

Love all your photos! And I'm so glad to see you smiling again....!

squishytushy said...

I absolutely love a good picture post!! So happy you're so happy!!!! It shows in your face!!

Sherry said...

Those are great pictures!!!! The cakes are pretty awesome too. Haha you are stick in the HSM mode too huh? OMG does it ever end? But hate to admit it, I love those movies but nope don't want a HSM cake :)
You look totally awesome woman, and yep I agree, it can only get better. Look what you do HAVE not what you don't have, and I believe that's what you are doing all ready. You look younger and so much happier, you go girl!!!
And hey if you took a day to write something , you can bet I would take the two days to read it!! :)

phonemom said...

You've got to love a good picture post.
And sorry! I forgot to post happy birthday to Alyssa. After all we have birthday buddies. So happy belated. Looks like it was wonderful!