Wednesday, February 07, 2007

My little girl is growing up. My 1st born. On Monday when I picked her up from school she informed me that she had to call someone when we got home. I was thinking she wanted to call her father. Turns out, that's not the case. She had gotten a friend from school's phone number and was going to call HIM!!!!! That's right, HIM! I knew that at some point she was going to start wanting to use the phone but I figured she would be calling up some little girls, not boys!

She ended up losing the phone number somehow and then left it at school last night so she hasn't been able to make this phone call. I'm not sure if I should let her or not. I know that it is completely innocent, but it really freaks me out. Scares me. I want more time with her before she starts discovering boys. She is only 6!!!!. Also, she does talk about this particular boy alot and I've seen him in the class picture and he is cute, but I just don't know.


Susan in va said...

Oh dear! That is a tough one. You know, it's probably nothing more than the two of them being great friends. I watch a 6 year old boy after school and his best friend is a girl.

Cute story, though!

Michele_3 said...

I know how you feel-
When my son was in KG- after school ended for the year this little girl would call our house everyday in the summer to talk to him-
He talked to her a few times, other times she left messages on our machine..I think she liked him & was really missing him!
It kind of blew my mind @ such an early age & all that her parents let her call a boy so much though..
I think once in awhile may be ok, but this little girl would call every chance she got really.. LOL!

Happy Working Mom said...

Wow, 6???? I can't handle how fast kids grow up now. Lock her in her room until she turns 25!! Just kidding, but I really don't envy you right now with having to worry about boys already!

Working Mom said...

I agree with happy working mom - lock her in her room! LOL

Kellie said...

Yeah, I'm with the Working Moms...lock her in her room. 25 or 30 sounds like a good time to let her out.

Sorry...I can't help. Want me to send cake instead? :)

Lost A Sock said...

How cute is that! But also, yes, scary!

Thank God KJ's current obsession is only Jeanette from the Chipettes. Apparently between ages four and six they focus in on real people a little more, eh?

Roxanne said...

Sounds like she might just want to call her friend who happens to be a boy. My son had mostly friends that were boys, but one of them was a girl. I never saw anything wrong with it or read anything into it. Sometimes when we overreact to things is when kids start thinking that it's not o.k.

I'm not saying that's the case with you, just sayin'.

SJ said...

Wow, 6? It's probably something totally innocent, but I can agree with your concern. If anything, keep a close eye on the scenario.

Kurt said...

I think I actually remember the first time I made my own call. It was a big deal. She must have been devastated that she didn't have the number.