Thursday, February 22, 2007

Last week Kaylie had to go to the dentist to have a very small cavity filled. This is the first one and, hopefully, the last one she will have. I was unsure of what to tell her about what they were going to do. It struggled with letting her know they may give her a shot in her mouth or not telling her to keep her from getting real anxious about it. If I tell her she will get upset and nervous. If I don't tell her she will be mad when she finds out. It was a catch 22. In the end I decided not to tell her.

I did explain that they would put a mask on her nose with "laughing gas" and that it would help her relax while they fixed her tooth. Honestly, I wasn't really sure if they would give her a shot or not because the cavity was soooo small, so why scare her for no reason, ya know.

Anyway, we get there and she is all smiles. This child loves going to the dentist! We go back and they put the mask on her and she was doing really good. The dentist comes in and I saw that they were going to be giving her a shot. They did not tell her they were going to, he just started.

Ya'll, my baby girl did not even flinch. She didn't cry. She didn't try to push him away. She took it better than some grown men would. Hell, she took it better than I would've. I can't begin to tell you how proud I was and am of her. I was more nervous than she ever even thought about being.

In the end, the cavity got filled, and she thought that her numb mouth was just too cool!

On another note, my sweet little baby girl, Alyssa, has been hurtin her mommy's feelings lately. I pick her up from her babysitter everyday (I drop her off also). And for the last week every time I pick her up, she smiles when she sees me and then when I pick her up or take her from the babysitter, she starts crying and hits me in my face!!!!! And she wants to go back to the babysitter. I'm very glad that she loves the people that watch her so much, and I know it's just a phase she's going through, but after a couple of times, I can't help but let it get to me.

It makes me question if there is something I'm doing wrong as a mother. Kaylie never did that and it really really hurts my feelings. I sometimes feel like she would rather be with anyone else but me.


Happy Working Mom said...

You can't think that way, really. I know exactly how you feel...I hate it when the kids are in phases when they seem like they'd rather be at the sitter's than with me. But trust me, that's all it is, just a phase. If you're doing something wrong then so are the rest of us because I don't know of anyone that this hasn't happened to. And just because one child didn't do it doesn't mean anything...look at how different your children are in other areas. Of course it will be the same way with this! Seriously, don't beat yourself up about it...I know it hurts, but try really hard to remember that the babysitter probably has different toys and that's really why they want to has nothing to do with the babysitter herself!

That is so awesome about the dentist visit!!! My daughter could learn something! it's always a battle to just get her to sit in the chair!

Amy W said...

Ashley is BEGGING to go back to the dentist. These kids are weird!

It is just a phase. Audrey did that a few weeks ago, would start crying as soon as I walked in the room to pick her up. Made me feel like crap. But now, she is all smiles. It will change.

Mamacita Tina said...

Hurray for Kaylie, she must have a high pain tolerance. It's awesome she loves to go to the dentist. Ian hates, HATES, it. He screams his head off the minute the dentist sits next to him.

Alyssa is going through a phase. I know us telling you that doesn't really help the pain you're feeling, but try to put your mind at ease. She'll be hugging and all over you soon enough.

SJ said...

I agree with everyone else, it's a phase! And I'm glad that Kaylie did so well at the dentist!

Kellie said...

It's a phase. My nephew did the same thing with his daycare and my sister was heartbroken. As you tell me are an awesome mother. You're not doing anything wrong :)

Happy the dentist visit went well. Hell, I'm 20-blah blah years old and I HATE that needle.

Lost A Sock said...

That's great that Kaylie did so well with the dentist. I think that we get more nervous for them than they get for themselves sometimes! (Totally guilty here, always.)

I'm sure that Alyssa is going through a phase that will pass. It probably has everything to do with not wanting to leave what is occupying her mind at the moment. She loves you more than anyone in the world, I'm sure!!

Bethany said...

I agree, it's a phase. E-Baby did it for a looong time. Gave me a total complex. Your first instinct is right- be glad she wants to go to the sitter, it means the sitter is treating her right!

redmaryjanes said...

Don't take the babysitter situation personally. I truly believe that it is a sign that she is receiving good care and is enjoying her daycare environment. Some days Eli doesn't want to come home either, but once we get there he's happy as can be. It's a phase. You are the center of her universe.

HollowSquirrel said...

Kaylie's a rockstar and obviously a nice little girl who has an awesome mother. Her little tantrums with the sitter are totally a phase, so just wait it out!! She loves you, and as I think we can all attest, kids kind of take their moms for granted; but, we know when the hurt is on, they love their mommas. And she's no different!!

What The Hell Is This? said...

aw sweetie. A loves you and is happy to see you.. just a phase I bet.. she would really rather have you!

Sam said...

What a brave girl Kaylie is :o) I wish I was that brave at the dentist!
I'm sure Alyssa is just going through a phase, how old is she?
Thank you for commenting on my blog. Drop by again soon :o)

Michele_3 said...

I agree, It really is just a phase they all go through..
Hooray about the dentist visit! My boys hate going there- even though their office is VERY COOL- They still try really hard to get out of it..