Friday, December 08, 2006

I know I haven't been blogging much lately, but I haven't had much to blog about. I still haven't put up my Christmas tree, but I plan to this weekend. I was thinking that my tree was somewhere in the garage at Chris's house, but he went through and brought me some things that were in there and he couldn't find it. Luckily, my aunt has one she is not using, so I plan to pick that up this weekend.

I still haven't done any Christmas shopping!! Every year, I say, I'm gonna start early, and then I never do. But, I'm gonna try to get some done this weekend. The only problem is I am not sure where I will be able to hide the stuff that I buy. Kaylie is a nosy little thing, so...

She's also hard to shop for. The older she gets, the worse it gets. She's not picky or anything like that, but I want to get her stuff that she will play with or use, so, this year, I'm thinking about things she can do with her hands, like painting and coloring and things like that. She likes doing that sort of thing. Alyssa will be easy to shop for, walk down the baby toy aisle and just put stuff in the basket.

That's really just it for now, my life is totally boring at the moment.


Kellie said...

Not boring--you just have a lot going on....we still love you :)

Amy W said...

Not boring, you have 2 little girls to keep you busy!

Glad to hear the shopping gets harder, yea for us. :)