Thursday, December 21, 2006

Alright, so I changed my template...again. I like this one.

Anyhow, I have still not finished my Christmas shopping. I will, hopefully, finish on Friday. Kaylie is ready for Santa to come and see her. She's decided that we need to leave out some milk and cookies for him (I believe that Santa will eat all the cookies we leave him). I took Alyssa and Kaylie to see Santa on Sunday. I had planned on just having Kaylie's picture made because Chris had already taken Alyssa, but I couldn't resist. She LOVED Santa. I put her in his lap and she just loved it! I got her attention towards the camera and in her Santa pic she is smiling and clapping! If I knew how, I would post it on here, but I don't have a scanner, so, sorry.

Kaylie's pic turned out great too! She told Santa she wants a big bouncy ball for Christmas, so, now I have to find one of those this weekend. She did let Santa know that her baby sister wants baby toys, which was so sweet.

I am just kind of ready for Christmas to be finished and get back to a normal? routine.


Kellie said...

A trip to see Santa is on my list for Friday or Saturday (I know...nothing like waiting 'til the last minute, right??!!). Glad Alyssa enjoyed it--am thinking Morgan will freak out but, maybe not. As much as I don't want to rush time, I, too, am about to the point for Christmas to be over and things to settle a bit. Like the new template--change can be fun :)

Mamacita Tina said...

Hi there! Just read through your blog. It sounds like our girls are about the same age (Laurel is 11 months old). I thought for sure she would cry when we put her in Santa's lap, but she smiled too. Glad to hear your kids are well again. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy those girls over the holidays, well, every day for that fact!

CPA Mom said...

I'm glad the girls liked Santa. What kind of cookies are you leaving out?

Stacey said...

Like the new look!