Thursday, November 19, 2009

I have no excuse

I have no excuse not to blog more often anymore. I am unemployed and have been since the end of September. Well, I take that back, I'm too busy wallowing in my own self pity to blog. Nah, not really. I've surprised myself with how well I am handling being unemployed. Of course, it would help if certain baby daddys would pay child support, but since one of them hasn't paid in 2 and 1/2 years and I am still TRYING to actually get a divorce from the other, I've gotten used to it.

Yeah, still not divorced. It will be one year ago that I filed on December 11th. Most people would be divorced after this amount of time. Especially considering that we didn't have any real estate or retirment accounts, etc. to argue over. The only thing holding us up? He won't sign the parenting plan. For those of you not in Tennessee, that is the document that stipulates custody, visitation, child support and such. The reason he won't sign? Because he got fired (yes FIRED) from his very good job back in April. Fired because HE screwed up. Several times. The amount that they came up with for child support was based on his income at that job, my income at my job, the fact that we both have other children and he was paying 1/2 of daycare expenses. The amount is $121 per month. That's all. He doesn't want to sign, because he can't pay that much each month (actually, I know he doesn't feel like he should have to pay anything). I don't want to modify the parenting plan to show that neither of us have an income. Yeah, he's still not working. Hard to find a job when you've been fired by the city. If I were to change it now, then later on IF he finds a job, I will have to pay more money to have it changed again. I don't feel I should. So, that's where we are. I am stuck still being married to that jackass. At this point he's not paying for childcare either, so, right now, Alyssa is at home with me on the weeks that she's at my house. Totally screwing up her routine and she loves going to "school". Hopefully this crap will get fixed soon. If not, I have an email all nice and ready for my attorney!

Ok, wow, a whole post bitching about the soon-to-be-ex! Enough of that! Next post will be much more entertaining. Or something...


What The Hell Is This? said...

It is extremely difficult to get fired from where he was working... even when you fail a drug test, they give you 2 more chances to pass it... he must have really f'd up because that union is strong.
Damn son!!

Ashley said...

Well that all just sucks! Guess you could put the firing onto the list of reasons to be glad y'all are divorcing. Hope you find a job soon and things work out.

Anonymous said...

Well that just sounds sucky. Hopefully things will work out, you'll find a job, he'll sign the damn piece of paper.
Glad to see you though. Hope things pick up and get better.

Happy Working Mom said...

What a tool!

Have you had any luck on the job front? I hope things work out and he starts paying...although I get the impression that is highly unlikely...

Anonymous said...

ugh. that just all SUCKS! sorry, hon!


Stephanie Snowe said...

$121!!! Are you kidding me?!!?! Good grief! That's NOTHING.


Anonymous said...

Way back when Moby was a minnow and my parents got divorced, they agreed on $120 a month.

Dude. I was fricken FOUR. It was 19fricken82!

$120 a month now? That ain't SHIT!!

So sorry he's being a jackass. So sorry the economy blows and jobs are scarce. Wish I could help.

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Memphis Steve said...

Hey! Where you at, woman? Come back and blog some more. We miss you.

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